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Phua Wei Seng Paul

Phua Wei Seng Paul

Paul Phua only took up Texas Holdem in his 40’s – his first sporting love was ten pin bowling. But despite the late start in poker, he still became a globally respected poker star. Read about his incredible journey from a small town in Malaysia, to the biggest poker games in the world.


Paul Phua Poker Tips

Paul Phua Poker Tips

What are the common tells that give poker players away? What are five good starter strategies for beginners to Texas Holdem? What are the best and worst hands pre flop? When do players bluff? Or how important is your position round the poker table? Find out the answers to these questions and more at Paul Phua’s Poker School.


Texas Holdem Poker

Texas Holdem Poker

Do you want to refresh your knowledge of the rules of Texas Holdem Poker, or on how to bet? Maybe you’re confused by some of the terms you hear during poker night or in the casino? Or you need a reminder of hand rankings? Go back to basics and find the best tips on becoming a poker star.

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World Class Poker Strategies

Top poker strategies and exclusive thoughts from Paul Phua, and some of the best poker players in the world.


Paul Phua’s News & Views

News, views and fun facts about poker from renowned poker player, Paul Phua.


The Paul Phua Game

A treasure hunt through the website! Test your knowledge about the game of poker. Few get ten out ten – can you?


Paul Phua Media Pack

Are you a journalist or blogger? Our media page has a comprehensive range of materials about Phua Wei Seng Paul.