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texas holdem

A guide for the beginner poker player to the rules of Texas Holdem

Texas Holdem poker is a simple game in some ways – if you have better cards than your opponents you generally win the hand. However, it’s also pretty complicated. There are tens of thousands of different hands you can conceivably end up with. There is a whole set of jargon unique to the game (see below), and the list of things that you can and can’t do during the game can seem a long one. This complexity is also why it’s hard to start out understanding the game just by looking at a print out of the rules on a sheet of paper. They don’t really bring the game of Texas Holdem to life, and it can appear very confusing.

That’s why Paul wanted to bring the basics of poker to life in video form. Here you can watch the basics of the game for yourself. Where the players sit. How many cards are dealt and when. What the community or flop cards are, and how they can be used. It’s much easier to play the game of Texas Holdem poker for the first time if you have seen the game, rather than just read the rules. There are things you need to learn that you can only learn by watching people play. Especially in learning how to carry yourself at the table. Poker etiquette means you can’t just do anything you want – get angry, emotional, talk to other players in the ear, goad them about not having good hands! And anyway, it’s not a good idea to lose your concentration at the poker table. Keeping your cool, as you will find out elsewhere on the Paul Phua poker site, is one of the most important things you can do. Observe the best players in the flesh, and you’ll see they are calm and collected.

So, if you have never played Texas Holdem, aren’t too sure on the rules of poker, or just want to remind yourself ahead of your casino or poker night, then watch this video on the basics of Texas Holdem poker. It’s easy to forget how it all works if you haven’t played the game for a while.

One of the first things that can confuse beginners to the game of Texas Holdem poker are the terms that the experienced players use. It can seem like a different language. Some of the most common poker terms are listed here in our poker terms glossary. Lots to learn! poker terms glossary.

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