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Texas holdem betting rules

Texas Holdem betting rules

Knowing the basics of Texas Holdem poker and learning the rankings of the ten different poker hands is one thing. But working out how the betting works is another. If you master the art of betting in Texas Holdem, you are a long way towards your goal of understanding how the game works and really getting good at it (and only then will you start winning money rather than losing it!).

There are lots of rules when it comes to betting in Texas Holdem poker. For example, there are the bets called the blinds, which are the compulsory bets that the two players to the left of the dealer have to place in the middle of the table at the start of the hand before they have even seen their cards. Then there are all the five different decisions you can make in betting. Here they are, written out, so you can learn the difference between them.

Bet: This means that no player has so far put any chips on the table in a given round. So you place a certain number of chips in, betting that you have the strongest cards.

Fold: When you throw your cards away, giving up any interest you had in the hand. You lose any chips or money you invested in the hand up to that point.

Call: If, when your opponents have bet, you would like to stay in the hand but not increase the stakes, then you match the current level of betting.

Raise: If, when your opponents have bet, you like the look of your cards and you would like to increase the amount of chips or money needed to stay in the hand. You make a bet that is bigger than those so far, and this forces your opponents who wish to stay in the hand to increase their stake to that amount.

Check: When you chose not to bet any money, but you can stay in the hand because no-one else has bet so far either.

So, you can’t just bet any amount of money at any time during poker games. There are rules! This video is here to remind you about the basics of betting in Texas Holdem poker.

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