PokerGo Get Set to Launch Another Exclusive: “Legends of the Game” Premiers September 28

Legends of the game by PokerGo
Image by Poker Central

The last drops of rain slide to the bottom of the sill. Ash from a neglected cigarette, tries to reach its grave. Hard-boiled eggs bathe on the stove while sourdough bread refuses to colour in the toaster, and a raspberry leaf teabag marinates in a Bahamian Starbucks cup. Away from the action, jittery digits finger the remote control leapfrogging through channels as the mind throws out a gym membership reminder.

It stops fingering. 

It’s found something.


The investigation begins.

Ever since the sword of Damocles fell onto the heads of TV stations in the wake of Black Friday, there has been nothing except famine when it comes to poker TV shows. 

Cary Katz changed all of that.

The busiest non-professional competing in the high stakes circuit created Poker Central, turned it into a poker piñata and gave the community whacking sticks. 

It’s been a while, but on Saturday, September 28, a new six-part mini-series hits the shelves. Cinematically shot in 4k, “Legends of the Game,” delivers some of the most absorbing stories of gambling’s history.

Here is the lineup.

Benny Binion – The Story of the World Series of Poker

The series debuts with a look at the life and times of Benny Binion, including the birth of the most iconic poker festival ever created. 

Stu Ungar – The Tragic Hero 

Premiering October 5, the camera pokes around the life of a player still considered to be the best there ever was. Stu Ungar’s story is as tragic as it is brilliant, and PokerGO plans to give it another feather dusting.

The Poker Trail – The Birth and Rise of Poker 

If you like history and poker, then this one is for you, as the PokerGO team take a trip down memory lane covering ground in Europe, New Orleans and the steamboats of the Mississippi.

Il Ridotto – The Story of the First Casino

Another stab at history, as the team, travel back 500-years to 17th Century Venice, and how the world’s first casino came into being. 

Mob Vegas

It wouldn’t be a gambling docuseries without butchers at the mob, and how they turned Las Vegas into one of the most famous locales in the world.

The Incomparable “Chip” Reese 

Like Ungar, the late, great, David “Chip” Reese is also considered to be one of the best there ever was, and in the final episode of the series, we learn why.

“The history of poker has birthed some incredible stories that have shaped the world of gambling today,” said Sampson Simmons, President of Poker Central. “Our goal is to share these compelling stories to an audience of poker fans and beyond in a way that has never been done before.”

A PokerGo subscription costs $10 a month, or $8.50 if you invest in an annual subscription. 

For that price, you gain access to shows such as “Stories From The Felt,” “INSIDERS: Super High Roller Bowl 2018,” “Hand histories,” and some of the best high stakes cash game and tournament action on the planet.

Flick the ash.

Butter the bread.

Crack those eggs.

It’s time to watch some poker.