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Poker tips from Wai Kin Yong, Winfred Yu & Timofey Kuznetsov

Watch: Timofey Kuznetsov, Wai Kin Yong and Winfred Yu share their poker tips

Three top poker pros give their tips for beginners in this latest video for the Paul Phua Poker School. Paul Phua picks out the key messages

In poker, sometimes we all need to remind ourselves of the basics.

In the latest video for the Paul Phua Poker School, we asked three top poker pros to give their tips for beginners.

Whether you’re just starting out, or have been playing poker for a long time, I know you’ll find their advice useful.

Poker tips from Timofey “Trueteller” Kuznetsoz

First up is Timofey Kuznetsoz, the Russian pro better known by his online name of “Trueteller”. He says the most important thing of all is simply to love the game. Hopefully we all do!

“I think you can only start considering playing poker professionally now if you have, like, a real passion for the game,” says Trueteller. “If you like to play a lot, if you enjoy thinking about the game, playing the game, then you can start. I think if you don’t have that you have no shot to succeed.”

It must be good advice, because the French poker pro Rui Cao said the same thing in a recent video for the Paul Phua Poker School: “If you play the game to win money, you can be a top player, but you won’t be world class. I think loving the game is the most important thing in poker.”

Poker tips from Wai Kin Yong

Next, we asked Wai Kin Yong. Wai Kin Yong recently made more than $3 million in live tournaments within the space of five months, so he knows what he’s talking about when it comes to poker! He says that “listening to advice” is the most important thing of all.

I have to agree! And this is a point that crops up again and again in our interviews with the top pros for the Paul Phua Poker School.

Wai Kin Yong goes on to say that you should “listen and always learn from your mistakes. Never think that it’s just bad luck, because l think poker involves more skill than luck in the long term.”

In other words, don’t immediately assume that you just got unlucky when you lose a hand. Ask yourself – or ask a fellow poker player – if you could have played it differently. Let’s say someone sucks out on you on the river. Was that just bad luck, or was it because you raised too little, giving them good odds to call with their draw?

Poker tips from Winfred Yu

Our third and final poker pro in this video is Winfred Yu, who runs the Poker King Clubs in four Asian cities as well as organising many poker tournaments in Asia. His response is very detailed. Winfred Yu lists three key tips:

  1. Pick your starting hand with care. Unless you are very experienced in post-flop play, it is best to wait for a premium hand. Winfred Yu lists these as cards like Ace-King, strong pocket pairs, high suited connectors like KQ or KJ suited.
  2. Be aware of your position at the poker table. It is particularly important to follow the above advice if you are under the gun, ie just after the big blind and therefore the first to bet pre-flop. You should only bet in this position with the strongest starting hands, since there are so many players to act after you. If someone re-raises, and you don’t have one of the very strongest hands, you will have to fold and lose your bet. When you get nearer the button, if everyone before you has folded, then you can consider widening your starting hand range a little.
  3. Take care over your decisions. There’s an old saying: “Act in haste, repent at leisure.” If means if you make a decision too quickly, you may regret it for a long time! Make sure you think about not just how strong your hand is, but what hands your opponents are likely to have. When you bet on one street, have in mind how you will then bet on the next street, depending on the card that comes. Analyse. Plan. Act. Then you will be more likely to succeed.
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