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paul phua poker tips

Paul Phua Poker Tips

Paul Phua believes that the first thing you have to do as a poker player is, of course, to learn the rules of the game of Texas Holdem. Check out Paul Phua’s videos on the basics of Texas Holdem poker. What’s next though? There can seem to be a bewildering range of books and websites wanting to give you advice on poker, especially Texas Holdem which is the most common form. Stick around here though, and you’ll learn most of what you need to start your way to becoming a poker star. For starters, there are some simple things you can do as a beginner to Texas Holdem poker to get you going, and Paul’s done a short video of five poker tips he recommends. They are a good check list.

Paul Phua Poker Tip 1: Don’t lose your cool during the poker game

Paul talks about not losing your cool when a hand of Texas Holdem poker isn’t going your way. Because if you do, it can make you take some bad poker strategies. As a beginner your instinct is often to play as many hands of poker as possible – after all it’s a fun game you have just discovered. But Paul Phua urges caution.

Paul Phua Poker Tip 2: Don’t play too many poker hands

Paul Phua Poker Tip number two – don’t play too many poker hands. Teach yourself when to sit things out – especially when you are playing with lots of other poker players around the table.

Paul Phua Poker Tip 3: Paul Phua advises you to be bold

Always look for an opportunity to raise rather than call in poker games. It may seem like a good idea to spend as little money as possible to stay in the poker game, But Paul says it’s often counterproductive and you lose the initiative to someone else around the poker table. Be bold is his advice. If not, you can lose too many hands.

Paul Phua Poker Tip 4: Be honest with yourself about your poker game

Always ask yourself if you have played the hand you just played in the best way you could. It’s the best and easiest way to improve – be honest with yourself. For example, Paul Phua says he used to play more hands out of position than he does now, under the gun, to the left of the big blind. He asked himself why he was losing poker hands so often in those circumstances. He changed his poker strategy and play as a result.

Paul Phua Poker Tip 5: Ask better poker players for advice

Paul Phua is a big student of the game. He says “be humble”. He is always trying to learn, and says the road to becoming a better poker player is never ending! Paul says he is still learning and adapting poker strategies even now, in his fifties, and is still studying tips from books and other players the whole time. Paul says: don’t be shy about learning from better poker players and poker stars. Get their poker tips and advice!

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