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Paul Phua Poker School

Welcome to the Paul Phua Poker School

Maybe you’ve seen your friends play together on a poker night and you’ve always wanted to join in but didn’t know the rules? Maybe you have played other casino games, and poker a bit, but want to find out some strategy tips for Texas Holdem to improve your game and make sure you win more hands? Or perhaps you win most of your poker games, and are hungry to perfect your poker strategy? Whether you’re just starting or played for a few years, or you’re a fan of the casino poker room, playing online poker, or live with friends on a poker night round someone’s house, Paul Phua’s Poker School has something to teach every player of Texas Holdem.

At the Paul Phua poker school, Paul Phua gives tutorial videos, which cover common topics like bluffing, raising, pre flop strategy and the importance of position around the poker table in Texas Holdem. Their number will be added to over time – let us know if there are any subjects you would like Paul Phua to cover and we’ll tell him! These videos are perfect for the beginner or intermediate player who wants to get better. At Paul Phua’s Poker School, there’s also a section on Poker Tips and Strategies from the Pros from Paul and some of the best poker stars in the world, his friends who he plays at poker tournaments round the world with regularly.

A full list of the topics covered so far…

Tips and strategies from the world’s top poker playersFive starter strategies and tipsA guide to pre flop strategyBest pre flop poker handsPost flop strategyReading poker tellsBluffingRaisingKeeping a poker facePosition in poker

Though Paul has learned a huge amount about the game and is very keen that others benefit from that, Paul Phua Poker School isn’t just advice from him. He is friends with many of the best poker professionals in the world – indeed it was people like them who helped teach Paul how to get his poker game to where it is today. So the poker school will also feature regular features and advice from some of the world’s best players. For starters, check out Paul in conversation with Tom Dwan here, and other poker stars too as they appear on the site.

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