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paul phua career

The Early days of Paul Phua’s Career

Paul Phua’s life changed forever when he was 15. This is the age when he was sent across the sea to Singapore for school. It was an experience that changed his life.

He started going to play ten pin bowling with his friends. He got hooked after being taken by a classmate. The young Paul Phua, or Phua Wei Seng as he was then, became so good that he soon began to hit strikes very often. Even when he was still a teenager, he started taking part in competitions. In one of those competitions he came second in a field of more than 100. But he soon broadened his horizons from ten pin bowling tournaments in Singapore to something much bigger – the casino junket business.

You might not have heard of this word before, but in the world of casinos, particularly in Asia, junkets are on everyone’s lips. Junkets, essentially, are businesses that bring customers to casinos. They often have rooms set up away from the main hall downstairs, perhaps on the floors above. Paul Phua realised that he knew a lot of people who were interested in playing at casinos, but they didn’t necessarily have the connections or the knowledge about how they could do so. So Paul brought them to the casinos to play. As a junket operator, Paul would get commission to provide these extra, often very wealthy, gamblers and poker players to the casino. So there was something in it for everyone – the casino, for Paul, and for the players.

Casino junket operator

Paul Phua started his career as a licensed junket operator for casinos in Macau, a former Portuguese colony which is now part of China. Macau has some of the biggest casinos in the world, and some of the wealthiest people in China and beyond go there to gamble and play poker.

He realised there were plenty of people from his part of the world who were interested in going to Macau, and that he could provide the means to do that.

Paul Phua was at one time regarded as one of the biggest junket operators in Macau, even at globally famous names like the Wynn and the Sands casinos.

Paul Phua expands into other businesses

Paul Phua is now a successful business with investments and projects all over the world.

But, after his family, his second love is still Texas Holdem poker.

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