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Rahul Sood

Unikrn CEO Believes Esports Athletes Wouldn’t Choose Olympics Over Esports Majors, What About High Stakes Poker Players?

With a viewership of 2 billion people, the Olympics is the third most-watched sporting event on the box behind the FIFA World Cup (3.5 billion) and the Tour de France (2.6 billion). But the Olympic movement has a problem. Despite close to a third of the population expressing an interest in the event, data gathered […]

Steve O'Dwyer

Steve O’Dwyer Wins Four Major High Rollers in a Month

Steve O’Dwyer’s landlord won’t have to worry about October’s rent after the high rolling phenom showed his versatility in winning four major titles both online and in the land of buttered toast and tea. The American star has applied the defibrillators on cashier tills across the globe with increasing frequency in the past seven years […]