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Card decks for playing poker

I know a lot of my readers are amateur players, practising at home to perfect their game so they can place bigger bets and play bigger tables. For that reason, a lot of the stuff on my website is given over to advice on strategy and tactics of play. However, there is one important aspect […]

success in poker

Success in poker is the tip of the iceberg

Hello Paul here again,   In Chinese culture we talk a lot about luck. Much more than in the West. Objects. Dates. Actions. Behaviors. Numbers. Even buildings! They can be lucky or unlucky. It’s a big part of our lives. And for an Asian poker player you can imagine that the way the numbers and […]


Triton Poker Tournament: The main event

As we wrote about, many of the best players in the poker world arrived in Manila to play the Triton series in February. The first tournament played over the first two days was the smaller of the two when it came to prize money. But it had a great field and a really exciting finish […]

Aussie Millions poker news

Aussie Millions

Hi everyone. Paul here. One of the great stories in sport is when an outsider wins the big prize. Boris Becker at Wimbledon back in 1985. Leicester City winning the English Premier League last year. Greece winning the European football championships in 2004. Everyone loves an underdog, and when the underdog goes on to win […]

Phua wei seng CNY

Happy Chinese New Year 2017

I know that many of you will be celebrating Chinese New Year, or Spring Festival, over the next week. It’s the end of the year of the Monkey and the start of the year of the Rooster. It’s an important time in the part of the world where I come from. Families reunite, work becomes […]

origins of poker - paul phua trivia

Poker trivia: Origins of the word poker

What language does the word poker originate from? Finding out about the origins of poker is a bit like researching into genealogy. You have to work backwards, from the present (and the things we think we know) to the past (where the secrets really lie). We now think of Texas Holdem poker as an all […]

Poker trivia: The diamond suit

Poker trivia: The diamond suit

The diamond suit in a pack of cards is thought to have evolved from another shape in use over 500 years ago in France. Playing cards are a lot older than the game of poker, almost a thousand years older, and they originated in China. But because of trading routes like the silk road, cards […]

Dou Di Zhu

Dou Di Zhu

Paul Phua loves poker games, but the first card games he ever played were traditional Chinese ones at home with his family. One of the most popular card games in China is called Dou Di Zhu.  In China, card games exist in two parallel worlds. One world uses the Anglo-American deck of cards, and plays […]

Poker trivia: A history of the poker chip

Poker trivia: A history of the poker chip

Poker chips are now almost always plastic with ridges in them to allow them to be stacked easily on top of each other. However, that wasn’t always the most popular material.  In the 19th century, poker games weren’t always played with chips. Stakes were raised often with material that had some intrinsic value like gold […]