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Romain Arnaud and Rui Cao

Romain Arnaud Wins Jeju Red Dragon Super High Roller; Talal Shakerchi Makes Sunday Million Final Table

Kim Jong-un’s Finance Minister may have told the Chinese Foreign Ministry that North Korea is still on course for full-scale denuclearisation this week, but that hasn’t stopped the French from dropping a few bombs along the Korean Peninsular. PokerStars has been as quiet as a jaguar juggling jackfruits in a jungle about their appearance in […]

Crazy Prop Bet

High Stakes Poker Pros in $100k Total Isolation Prop Bet

In 1938, professor Nathaniel Kleitman, and research assistant Bruce Richardson, from the University of Chicago descended deep into the darkest parts of Mammoth Cave, the longest cave system in the world. Armed with two makeshift beds, food and water for six weeks, and a variety of scientific instruments, the pair set out to understand if […]