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Crazy prop bets made by poker players

The top 10 craziest prop bets in poker, part II

With the results now in of Mike Noori’s prop bet to eat $1,000 of McDonald’s in just 36 hours, Paul Phua lists five more poker prop bets that were even crazier In the first part of my top 10, I wrote that poker player Mike Noori would be attempting to eat $1,000 of McDonald’s food […]

Prop bets and poker players

The top 10 craziest prop bets in poker

Poker player Mike Noori’s bet to supersize himself on McDonald’s this weekend is part of a long tradition of outrageous prop bets. From Paul Ivey to Dan Bilzerian, Paul Phua picks out 10 favourites  Starting from today (Friday May 19), poker player Mike Noori has just 36 hours in which to eat $1,000 of McDonald’s […]

poker AI

Poker AI: what everyone should be talking about

The recent success of the Lengpudashi poker AI in China, on top of Libratus’s victory in January, adds fuel to the skill vs. luck debate and may have implications for the legal status of poker, says Paul Phua Last week a team of poker players in China were resoundingly defeated by “Lengpudashi”. Meaning “cold poker […]

get rich: poker millionaires

Who wants to be a poker millionaire?

With poker millionaires Charlie Carrel and “Xavi666” making headlines for their big wins, Paul Phua explains why it can take years to become an overnight success. Two players deserve particular congratulations this week. One is a player from Panama known by his online name of “Xavi666”, who has just won over a million dollars in […]

Paul Phua Poker school

Are men always better poker players than women?

Paul Phua looks at the recent heads-up Hold ’Em contest between Cate Hall and Mike Dentale that was billed as a “Battle of the Sexes”. “Are men always better poker players than women?” It might seem strange that we are even asking this question. There are so many talented and successful female poker players: from […]

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Card decks for playing poker

I know a lot of my readers are amateur players, practising at home to perfect their game so they can place bigger bets and play bigger tables. For that reason, a lot of the stuff on my website is given over to advice on strategy and tactics of play. However, there is one important aspect […]

success in poker

Success in poker is the tip of the iceberg

Hello Paul here again,   In Chinese culture we talk a lot about luck. Much more than in the West. Objects. Dates. Actions. Behaviors. Numbers. Even buildings! They can be lucky or unlucky. It’s a big part of our lives. And for an Asian poker player you can imagine that the way the numbers and […]


Triton Poker Tournament: The main event

As we wrote about, many of the best players in the poker world arrived in Manila to play the Triton series in February. The first tournament played over the first two days was the smaller of the two when it came to prize money. But it had a great field and a really exciting finish […]

Aussie Millions poker news

Aussie Millions

Hi everyone. Paul here. One of the great stories in sport is when an outsider wins the big prize. Boris Becker at Wimbledon back in 1985. Leicester City winning the English Premier League last year. Greece winning the European football championships in 2004. Everyone loves an underdog, and when the underdog goes on to win […]