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Steve O'Dwyer

Steve O’Dwyer Wins Four Major High Rollers in a Month

Steve O’Dwyer’s landlord won’t have to worry about October’s rent after the high rolling phenom showed his versatility in winning four major titles both online and in the land of buttered toast and tea. The American star has applied the defibrillators on cashier tills across the globe with increasing frequency in the past seven years […]

Steve O'Dwyer

POWERFEST High Roller Round-Up: Wins for O’Dwyer; Tollerene and Two For Leonard

Taggers were hopping over electrified lines to squiggle on the side of coal hoppers unbeknown that the commodity owners were complaining to the rail hauliers that graffiti-covered wagons carried their product. Steelworks stinking of dragon poop sent poison into the air through chimney stacks shaped like the cigars favoured by the giant who sang Fee-Fi-Fo-Fum […]