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online poker face to face poker

Face to face poker

Tens of millions of people around the world play poker regularly, and they mainly play the Texas Holdem variety, which is the most popular form of the game today. Most of those people I would guess are playing online poker. It’s so easy. Sit down at a place and time that is convenient, and you can play with people all over the world. It’s brought a huge interest into the game which can only be a good thing. I, though, like to play face to face. Part of the fun, interest and skill of the game of Texas Holdem poker for me is reading people’s expressions and body language for tells. How do they try to hide their emotions? Are they behaving differently this hand versus all the ones before? Do their cheek muscles move when they are nervous? It’s a social event too, and I enjoy the company of my opponents.

I don’t have much experience of playing poker online. I played Poker Stars for a few months. Some of the best kids in the world are on that site. I noticed a few differences from what I was used to in my usual face to face game. First off, you can’t see the expressions of your opponents. Also, they have computer software to help them by telling them all about the probability of getting one winning hand over another! It’s not cheating, but it does give those kids a huge advantage. It’s not just the probability calculations that help. The software they use in online poker also provides them a database of how I have played all my poker games and hands. It’s a big advantage for them. Their skill levels are still incredible. However, I think they wouldn’t find it easy to beat me in a live face to face Texas Holdem game! When you go to the casino, you need to be able to gauge people’s expressions, which these kids would not have experience of from playing poker online.

Online Poker Protection

I think it is great that online poker has got so many people into the game of Texas Holdem. But part of me regrets the rise of online poker. It hasn’t put in place enough rules to protect the players who aren’t very good. I think it is very unfair sometimes. Beginners who are trying their hands in poker are playing against a pro with software helping them. It’s not a fair fight. You see fewer and fewer people who are playing poker online recreationally now. They play, get chewed up, and don’t come back.

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