Mike Postle Appears on Mike Matusow Podcast to Clear His Name; Challenges Doug Polks to a Heads-Up Match

Mike Postle fled the gunfire, finding refuge on Mike Matusow’s ‘The Mouthpiece’ podcast. The man, many accuse of malevolence, remained in Matusow’s hideaway for three hours. When he emerged, the same arid wasteland of a reputation remained, bleached by Bergerac blasts of blasphemy.

“You do not cheat at poker!”

That is a rule.

Postle went onto ‘The Mouthpiece’ to prove his innocence. It doesn’t appear that he’s done that. 

Matusow released the podcast in two episodes.

Here is Part I.

And Part II.

Postle claims that the assertion he won $250,000 in a year is false and that he is 10,000% innocent of all accusations, calling the poker community’s investigation ‘lazy.’

On the flip side of that coin, Postle told Matusow that he was the winningest player on Ultimate Bet (UB) before U.S officials shuttered the online poker room forever. He also claimed that even in today’s climate, he is “One of the best players in the world.”

To back up his claim, Postle offered a heads-up challenge to anyone, including Doug Polk. 

Joe Ingram alerted Polk of the news, and Polk reminded Ingram that he doesn’t play poker anymore.

Polk’s tribe begged him to come out of retirement and face Postle, but realising there is nothing but bad news that could come from such a match, Polk declined.

But he did invite Postle onto his YouTube channel, and you would think if he was 10,000% sure of his innocence that he would appear.

I think you’ve more chance of an Eskimo dying of heatstroke.

Matusow admitted that he wasn’t prepared for the interview, but had watched three hours of footage from Stones Live. The four-time World Series of Poker (WSOP) bracelet winner, repeatedly told his viewers that poker news is fake news, and that he had little love for either Ingram or Polk. He was also stoned and suggested to Postle that he could sue his detractors for millions of dollars.

Postle told the listeners that he’s working on his own video to prove that he’s not a God. 

Merely human.

Then he emerged, and the gunfire began.