Aussie Millions: Jorryt van Hoof Wins The AUD 25,000 Pot-Limit Omaha

We’re not about to carve his head into the granite of poker’s Mount Rushmore, but Jorryt van Hoof seems to have the oomph needed to traverse from the darkness of high stakes cash games to the bright lights of high stakes live tournaments.

Van Hoof appeared under poker Pentagon’s radar in 2014, finishing third in the World Series of Poker (WSOP) Main Event for $3.8m, but while that year is all about the glitz and the glamour, 2019’s wrap sheet looks more like the grind.

It was the Dutchman’s best live tournament return on gross earnings outside of that remarkable run in 2014. All told, van Hoof earned $858,805. In late November, he won a 45-entrant €10,000 No-Limit Hold’em (NLHE) High Roller at the Master Classic of Poker (MCOP) in Amsterdam for $181,102. He then finished runner-up to Chin Wei Lim in a 50-entrant €25,000 NLHE event at the European Poker Tour (EPT) in Prague earning another $303,100.

Now he has an Aussie Millions ring.

Van Hoof won the 59-entrant, Event #11: AUD 25,000 Pot-Limit Omaha, defeating three Australians while four-handed to add $322,400 to his bank account.

It’s van Hoof’s first cash at the Aussie Millions, and the third live tournament win of his career.

Here is the nutshell action.

The Nutshell Action

Of the 59-entrants, only seven players would receive a return on investment, and Miroslav Sheynin was the last to see that hope vanish like the silt on a mantlepiece against the brush of a cleaner when Hun Lee sent him packing after flopping the nut flush against a straight.

Van Hoof doubled through Farid Jattin after a flush arrived on the river to beat the Colombian’s flopped two-pair hand, and Lee eliminated Jattin not long after.

Lee continued to be the punk amongst mods, eliminating his third player at the final table. Fabian Brandes went for it on a Td5s3h flop holding AhAd7h3c, only for Lee to river a two-pair hand to send the Austrian packing.

Van Hoof doubled again, this time through Lee, before taking out the dangerous Stephen Chidwick when AsQs8c6c rivered a two-pair hand to beat the KcKsTs5c of the man from the UK.

Chip Counts

Hun Lee – 1,474,000
Jorryt van Hoof – 771,000
Martin Kozlov – 472,000
Najeem Ajez – 237,000

Martin Kozlov fell first when Lee found aces and nines to beat the AhKdQcJc of Kozlov before Najeem Ajez took the lead after doubling twice through Lee.

Lee gained revenge, doubling through Ajez twice, before van Hoof took the chip lead for the first time at the final table, eliminating Ajez when Ah8h8s5c beat Jc7h5h5d when all-in pre and the eights held.


Jorryt van Hoof – 1,825,000
Hun Lee – 1,130,000

Van Hoof extended his lead winning the first few pots before Lee doubled back into contention when KcKsQc9h beat AsJs9c4d. Despite, Lee knocking on the door, it never opened. The final twist in this plot saw all the money go in on a flop of Tc6h4s in a limped pot. It was Lee’s 9c8d7s3h versus the JsThTd5d of van Hoof, for a set versus a wrap, and the Dutchman scored a full house on the turn to signify the end of the contest.

Final Table Results

  1. Jorryt van Hoof – $322,400
  2. Hun Lee – $205,164
  3. Najeem Ajez – $136,776
  4. Martin Kozlov – $107,467
  5. Fabian Brandes – $68,388
  6. Farid Jattin – $58,618